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Latest News

Daddy Class resumes in May! We will provide details throughout the month of April. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all of those who supported us throughout the last year! Your help - whether it was by volunteering, donating furniture, money or supplies, or by praying for us, has helped us keep the lights on, and put a smile on the face of many children! Thank you all!

The end of the year is almost here! Have you donated to show your support of a noble cause? Do you need more tax write-offs for the end of the year?

Well, we invite you to donate to Daddy Restoration, and you can fulfill both objectives!

Our ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of absentee fathers in our communities, thereby strengthening all communities.

Our donors' contributions to Daddy Restoration will help us to develop “Daddy Class” for wayward fathers and media projects, such as television commercials, that promote and illustrate the needs for proper father involvement.

A gift to us provides you with personal satisfaction and demonstrates your belief in our mission to help children. It also results in another return—in the form of desirable tax write-off. We will promptly send you a donation receipt letter for you to file with your taxes.

We appreciate any gift amount, and have only made suggestions on our donor site.

Today, or before the end of the year, join us in our efforts to reunite absent fathers to their children by making a donation to Daddy Restoration! Just click on the green box in the middle column! Thanks!

A FEW MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR THE FORMULA 1 RACE: We have a concessions booth at next weekend's Formula 1 race, and we are looking for 2 volunteers Friday, Nov. 15th and 2 volunteers Sunday, Nov. 17th to work with us. If you would like to help us either of those 2 days (or both of them!), please email us at F1@daddyrestoration.com immediately. Leave your phone number, if you'd like, and we will call you back asap! The Formula 1 is the largest race in the world, and only comes to America thru Austin, once per year. It's an exciting environment, and you will be helping our worthy cause. Thanks!


Much Thanks to BACKA Media Group for designating us as the non-profit to which sales of their new song and video " We Are Americans" will benefit. "We Are Americans," goes on sale on June 28th. More details about the project are available at BACKA Media Group on Facebook. Click here.


We have over 100 OFFICE CHAIRS for sale to support our outreaches here at Daddy Restoration. These are very nice office chairs - many premium models which cost more than $250 new. If you would like to buy 1, 10, or even 50 for your home office or business, please contact us immediately. You may acquire them for donations ranging from $15-$50. You will be supporting our work which serves children and teens, and you will receive some very nice chairs for a reasonable price! Call us at 512-632-6736, anytime, and plan to stop by our offices!


Volunteers are needed and always welcome at our Circuit of Americas concessions booth. We are there for nearly every event and concert throughout the year, including concerts such as Jimmy Buffet, and races like the HUGE F1 and MotoGP. Lotta work - lotta fun! Call Board member Sondra Lawrence at 512-820-9598 if you would like to join us!

Much Thanks to 180 Office Solutions for donating about 150 chairs and other office furniture for use in our facility, and for us to re-sale for much needed project funding. A special thanks to Katherine of 180 Office Solutions for her help! We very much appreciate your support!

Thanks to Sebastian Pfeiffer -
Account Executive at
93.3 - KGSR – “Radio Austin” & Comedy 102.7-FM
for coordinating donations from 10 of his clients who chose to donate to Daddy Restoration. These folks are: Allen Clauss - Austin Infiniti, Cathy Guerra - Brown Distributing, Suzette Burrow - Macho Marketing, Chandy Hylton - Gravitational Marketing, Orlando, FL, Scott Elder - Dream Cars Austin, Joe Light - Strategic Marketing, Portland, ME 04101, Ernie Hatton - RE/MAX, Len & Elaine Gilmore - German Auto Center, Timothy Shook - Macho Marketing. Thank you, all!


Amplify Austin is coming this Monday evening through Tuesday! Please help us raise needed funds by donating to Daddy Restoration here on our site or on the Amplify Austin site here. We VERY much appreciate your support, and will use funds to help fathers become better dads to their children.

We are preparing to move into our new offices in January. We are, of course, excited about the move - but soberly so... If you are a praying person, please pray for us or send kind thoughts our way. Donate to our cause if you are able. We will use your contributions to teach men to be better dads!

We were privileged to run two concessions booths at the Formula 1 race here in Austin this past weekend, and earn needed money for our organization. Thanks to Vickie Valadez, NPO Coordinator, Sodexo at the Circuit of the Americas for the invitation! Special thanks to our Volunteers for showing up and operating our booths with us. Extra special thanks to Carrie Wheeler and Teresa Burnett for driving in from Houston to serve with us on Saturday!

Thanks to ECONOHOMES for donating about 20 desks for our use as we develop our Daddy Class. We appreciate your support!

We would like to announce that Cheryl Caldwell has been added to our Staff support team. Glad to have you on board, Cheryl!

We would like to thank Sonic restaurant for their support of our recent kids interview project in Austin, TX. Special thanks go to

Melinda Solis, GM - Sonic Drive-In 6208 Cameron and Sarah Nemec, GM - Sonic 1815 Airport

Sonic donated scores of food coupons to help us with our effort. Way to go, Sonic!


We released our "Gotta Do Better, Dads" video. There are many, many good dads in the world, and we applaud them! The rest of you just gotta do better - and you can! Click here to view it large.

We released a video for Father's Day called ManUp, ShowUp, Dads! You can view it here, large. Send it to some fathers who need to see it!

We released 7 variations of our newest TV commercials designed to put a "spotlight" on fatherlessness. They are called "Family Lock-Up."

We purchased hundreds of TV spots on Time Warner Cablevision in June and July, with thousands more to follow throughout the year all around the country.

You may view them all through this page, or watch them on YouTube on our BACKAmediagroup page. Leave us a comment here or there, and tell your friends to watch! Thanks! We will be auditioning for our next set of commercials soon. We'll keep ya posted!

We are headed to several county jails and prisons to speak to the men incarcerated in these facilities - especially juvenile facilities. The young men have a particular place in our hearts... We will keep you posted with video and info from the meetings we hold.


We are the DBA entity of
our official 501(c)3 name
We are non-profit and tax-exempt
IRS EIN #45-3690863

Click here to donate today! Thank you!

Daddy I Miss You Kids

Our Daddy video may indeed
change the LIFE of a
father in YOUR family...

And that is why we're here!

Daddy, I Miss You Video...
283,000 views and INCREASING!
Click on YouTube to see larger video.


Purchase the "Daddy I Miss You" DVD here!

Our goal is to see fathers develop an increased sense of responsibility and a renewed desire to nurture their children emotionally and support them financially. Watch "Gotta Do Better, Dad"


Our Statement of Purpose:

daddy motto

Maybe you are divorced or perhaps you were never really with the mother of your kids. So what. It's still your responsibility AND privilege to nurture your children. ManUp!


Like us on YouTube at:

Our "Family Lock-Up" commercials remind fathers the "side-effect" consequences of bad behavior, in a straight-forward, no-holds-barred manner.

Watch all 7 variations of this theme at



better parent

from www.adoptchildren.org

"I need you daddy"

We all know that many millions of children and teens do not have a “Daddy” who is involved in their lives. Over the years we have come to more fully realize that this is a systemic problem in our nation and around the world. It is a problem which daily affects the lives of kids of every race, creed, color, and socio-economic status.



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amplify logo

Once a year Daddy Restoration participates in the Amplify Austin 24 hrs-of-giving campaign. Today is the day! The area-wide campaign ends at 6pm Friday, March 21st! Only a few hours left to give! We thank you in advance for helping us. All donations are tax-deductible.Please go to this link while it's on your mind,and help support us with a donation, large or small! Thanks!: https://amplifyatx.ilivehereigivehere.org/daddy 

Statistics and Research on the Consequences of Father Absence in America

father facts



Listen to Brian speaking
about fatherlessness
on KUT radio

Brian Daddy

Fighting The Crisis of Fatherless Children: John Hanson's with Daddy Restoration's Executive Director Brian K. Burns

I wanted to share a story with you that warmed my heart and helps keep me motivated. I received a call a few month's ago that went as follows:

"Mr. Burns, you don't know me and perhaps never will. I am part of a team that goes into jails in San Antonio, and minister to the men there. We took your "Daddy I Miss You" video and "ManUp-ShowUp" videos with us to help begin a discussion with them about doing better for their children, and the results were amazing. Most of the men were crying, or trying not to cry. Some were trying to get out of the room, but couldn't. The point is - EVERYONE was affected. We used it as a springboard to get them to open up, and are positive that some of them took it to heart and made a change on the inside. No telling how many kids' lives were and will be positively affected because of our encounter. Keep doing the work. You never know how God is using you. Thank you and thanks to your staff at Daddy Restoration."

We receive these calls and emails from time to time, and are greatly encouraged by them. You can help Daddy Restoration help fathers reconnect with their children in honor of this Father's Day season by making a donation of $25 or more (or whatever amount you choose). Please forward this to your family and friends. We thank you.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Have a great week!

Brian K. Burns
Executive Director


Click here to donate today! Thank you!



Help Us
Help Dads

Help Their Children!

We are trying to put a SPOTLIGHT on the real-life issue of fatherlessness and wayward dads. If you are interested, we can use your prayers and your financial help! We are grateful for WHATEVER amount you choose to share with us. Thank you, in advance!

CLICK the green button in the middle column at the top, or send us a check to:

Daddy Restoration
11800 N. Interstate 35
Austin, TX 78753

We thank you in advance!!

Help for Dads!!

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations devoted to the strengthening of fatherhood. We are constantly adding to our database websites which, in one way or another, are dedicated to helping men be BETTER DADS.

Click here to checkout some of these organizations.

We are working hard on the development of several projects, including
TV commercials. Email us for more details!

Our theme song, "Daddy, I Miss You" was released about 4 years ago. Over 259,000 people have seen the video on YouTube, in jails and prisons, in churches around the country. We are thankful that many lives have been changed!

Daniel sings!

Daniel "The Voice" pleads for a father's love on  "Daddy I Miss You"

Here are some pictures from the DVD! You all did great! Thank you. More studio pics here!

daddy i miss you

Daddy Restoration is a member of TANO




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